Healthcare providers share the experience of incorporating Cologuard into practice.

Cologuard vs. Other Screening Options

How does Cologuard compare to other colorectal cancer screening options, like fecal occult blood tests (FOBT), fecal immunochemical tests (FIT), and colonoscopy?

Patients Avoiding Colonoscopy

Why is there a need for a noninvasive option for colorectal cancer screening? How has having a noninvasive option made a difference in your practice?

Test Results and Reporting

How do you track and receive results for completed Cologuard tests? How do you talk about results with your patients?

Physician Experience

Describe your experience working with the Exact Sciences Laboratory. What feedback have you received from your staff?

Patient Experience

What feedback have you received from your patients on their experience with the test?

Peer to Peer Dialogue

What have your peers in gastroenterology had to say about Cologuard? How do you talk to other physicians about Cologuard?